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About Iron-Pulse

We are a gaming community that have being around more than 10 years, and with that of 10 years experience on almost every game format. We are a multi time zone community and with which we accept everyone who can speak english has a sense of humour and most of us are located in the UK / South Yorkshire but we have members from the USA and other parts of EU. We accept people of all skill levels including type of player you are (Casual/Hardcore) you will find our members are very accomadating of every preference.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for like minded people to team up with and make our 'Guild' as strong as it can be, by strong co-operation, leadership and knowledge. We want people who aren't easily offended, likes a joke but can also get things done when required. We plan to setup and pledge our Guild name to a multitude of games from FPS, MMORPG's. One of our main
focuses at the moment is Star Wars: The Old Republic a mmorpg that is on it's way if you want to get involved and roll with Iron-Pulse proceed below.

What we offer and how we Roll


We rely heavily on good communctions with this in mind we use Teamspeak 3 we have a 50 slot server and is up 24/7 password protected and is required to be apart of Iron-Pulse. We have open recruitment as we are looking to fill our ranks and be a big part of our community. We respect every members input but if a leader asks you to do something we expect it to be followed (within reason). Leaders are marked in teamspeak with admin rights.


If you wish to be apart of our growing community please fill out the application below, we will email you back with a response and details on how to proceed, thank you.

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